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Eco-friendly paper bags

Pure Planet Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging

Consumers and retailers are becoming more conscious of environmentally friendly retail packaging and we’re responding. Download our Australian Packaging Covenant Action Plan to find out how.

Gispac established its Eco-Awareness Sustainability Program in 2008, and since then have steadfastly committed to both quality and caring for our environment. Pure Planet retail packaging is the eco-friendly result.

How is Pure Planet packaging environmentally friendly?

Pure Planet paper bags are a sustainable alternative to other mass manufactured packaging that uses paper from non-renewable sources. Our Pure Planet packaging range is:

  • Australian made - locally produced to reduce transportation and carbon emissions
  • 100% recyclable – our Pure Planet paper bags can be recycled in kerbside household recycling bins
  • 100% biodegradable – our paper bags break down in natural elements
  • 50% recycled paper – 50% recycled kraft brown paper bags are available
  • Manufactured from renewable natural sources
  • Great alternative to plastic bags

Pure Planet Bags

Our Pure Planet paper bags are available in a range of sizes, from Baby Bags right through to Large Bags, and can be supplied in the following formats for your retail packaging needs:

  • White Kraft paper bags
  • Brown Kraft paper bags
  • Custom-print paper bags

Individual paper packaging product information can be found on our product pages.

Want more information? Contact one of our sales team today to discuss your retail packaging options.

Degradable Disclaimer
*Products indicated as degradable are manufactured for Gispac by manufacturers using a new licensed proprietary technologies which licensors claim render plastic products degradable. Before purchasing such products from Gispac, you should make your own enquiries concerning the claims made by licensors to determine the suitability of products for your intended use and for the protection of the environment. Further information concerning these proprietry technologies is available from Gispac on application. Gispac makes no representation or warranty about the effectiveness of these technologies to render products degradable or about their use in the process of manufacturing products.

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